With our considerable experience and knowledge, proven track record and extensive network of contacts within the industry, we can create specially customised creative content to suit the specific requirements of your projects and events.


A star needs to be polished to dazzle audiences and shine on stage. Training can mean the difference between getting your fifteen seconds of fame and winning the role a lifetime. At ENACT, we know what it takes to make a star shine brighter.


TEN On TEN Pictures (TOTP) has produced some of Malaysia’s most popular made-for-TV movies, like ROMBONGAN CIK KIAH, GADIS TOL AND HO YUHANG’S “MIN”,which won the Special Jury Award at the Nantes Three Continents Festival in 2003. 

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Enfiniti Vision Media is Malaysia’s leading service provider for content creation and multimedia production. We’ve successfully partnered with various segments from government agencies, the artistic community, and the public at large, to create one-of-a-kind ideas, resulting in an unforgettable brand experience and tangible return on investment for our partners.


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