A division of Enfiniti Vision Media, Enfiniti Academy (ENACT) was established in 2011 as a boutique academy that aims to be an incubator of icons trained in Malaysia and ready to perform on the world’s stage.

Currently headed by the award-winning Malaysian actor and director Joanna Bessey, ENACT offers specialised musical theatre workshops, as well as weekly drama, dance and vocal classes. Under the guidance of top industry professionals, celebrities and international stars, students are given the rare opportunity to learn from the industry’s best practitioners, in the safe and supportive space of a professional theatre company.

Apart from training performers, writers and directors, ENACT also conducts leadership and theatre-based training for teens/youth (Project Youth 360) and corporate training (“PLAY!”)

At Enfiniti Academy (ENACT), we believe in building personality, confidence and nurturing creative minds, regardless of whether an individual chooses a career in the performing arts. Scientific studies have proven student achievement becomes enhanced with an education in the arts.

A mind without creativity is unable to operate in imaginative and innovative ways.

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