Founded in 1994 by Tiara Jacquelina, the then Kit Kat Klub consolidated its strengths, and emerged refreshed as the efficient and effective machinery known as Enfiniti Events Sdn Bhd.


At the heart of creating any successful production, lies a collaboration between the individuals who bring experience, talent and expertise to their craft. 


Enfiniti Events has in the past has been responsible for staging in-house projects including Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical, and P. Ramlee The Musical.  With a deep understanding of the events industry, backed by sound knowledge of theatre production, Enfiniti Events works quietly behind-the scenes to understand what your event requirements are and subsequently deliver on this so that bottom lines and objectives are met, for all involved. 


With the full capacity and capability to customise events from a very intimate soiree to larger corporate styles gatherings, Enfiniti Events will oversee and execute all the stages of organising your event, from planning logistics and designing content to painstakingly ensuring all the finishing touches are in place. All that is required from you is to sit back and let the show unfold.

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